19 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

As a human being, it’s basically a given that bad days are inevitable. Experiencing sadness, stress and even insecurity is something that we as people share in common.

In honor of me recently turning 19, I have found myself practicing more self-reflection and self-love and wanted to share them with you all. Feel free to leave me a comment or message if you have a favorite method of showing yourself some love and appreciation!


19 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care:


  1. Buy Yourself Flowers– Not only can they liven up a room, but they can help evoke happiness or tranquility. IMG_20171007_123347_853
  2. Spend a Night In– Ever since I’ve moved to college, I’ve found myself going out a lot more, which can be overwhelming and exhausting for an introvert such as I. To balance it all out, I would suggest grabbing a blanket, some snacks, and binge watching a series (my current obsession is Steven Universe).
  3. Re-read Your Favorite Book– Nothing brings back old memories like opening up and restarting your favorite story. (Binge by Tyler Oakley is my personal favorite)Capture1.PNG
  4. Take a Nap– Who knew something so simple could do so much! If you have the time, use it to recharge and rest up!
  5. Create a Motivational, “Hype” Playlist– Personally, I am an avid playlist creator, and I have found that creating a playlist full of songs that either make me happy or get me excited reminds me of why I shouldn’t dwell on my insecurities. (Check out mine here!)Capture
  6. “TREAT YO’ SELF”…Literally! – Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?! Stop by your favorite bakery and pick up those miniature cupcakes you’ve been eyeing.
  7.  Scrapbook Your Favorite Memories– Sure, Instagram serves as a convenient digital photo album, but sometimes that’s not as nice as having a physical scrapbook filled with photos of some of your happiest moments.Capture2
  8. Detox Your Social Media– Still have pictures that remind you of a not so happy time? Time to delete them! Literally remove the negativity from all of your social media by only keeping photos and posts that show off your confidence and other positive attributes.
  9. Create a Personal Skincare Routine– Nothing says “I love myself” quite like taking care of your skin. Slap on a face mask, do some research on your skin type, and follow through with the routine you’ve developed. Your skin will thank you later!
  10. Go For a Walk– Spend some time alone with your thoughts while taking in your surroundings. Plus you’ll get your steps in, too.
  11. Redecorate– Bring back some new energy into your space by reorganizing! (Speaking of spaces, check out my dorm tour on my channel!)Capture3
  12. Learn a New Recipe– Whip up a little something good for yourself! 20170808_093610
  13. Explore Your Area– Fuel your sense of adventure by visiting that shop you’ve been meaning to pop into, or try that new restaurant with the quirky advertisements.14572348_132228417246298_4620657026188158858_n
  14. Expand Your Music Taste– Take some time to discover new artists similar to those you already listen to, or in a different genre completely.
  15. Meditate– Spending time with your thoughts and focusing on your breathing is a great method of allowing yourself time to relax and remove yourself from the stress of life.
  16. (If applicable) Visit the Beach– Now, I know not everyone is as lucky as I am and  lives less than a few miles away from a small chunk of paradise, but if you do happen to live relatively near or are willing to take the trip to a large body of water, I would highly suggest it. Capture4.PNG
  17. Create/Edit Your Bucket list– If you haven’t re-visited that bucket list you made years ago, now’s a good time to do that.
  18. Clean Your Room– No, your mother did not pay me to put this on the list, but you’ll feel super accomplished once you clean your space on your own terms.
  19.  Remind Yourself That You Are More Than Your Insecurites/Flaws– Whether you do this via positive affirmations or scouring the web for inspirational quotes, keep telling yourself that you are an amazing person!


Hope you all enjoyed this post! Be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms & leave a like/comment on this post!


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