15 Songs I’m Obsessing Over

As a music lover I feel like it’s my civic duty to share with you the music that I’ve been internally screaming about for the past few weeks. I’ve been really working on expanding my music taste, as if it weren’t already diverse enough. But thanks to my personalized Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, it cuts out about half of the work.

I feel like the only other thing you should know about my music preferences is that I REALLY enjoy anything that gives off an R&B vibe, since I’ve grown up around it.

Before I begin yapping on about why I love these 16 songs, feel free to follow my Spotify profile, because frankly, I spend way too much time making playlists.

1. “Trap Paris”, Machine Gun Kelly feat. Quavo, Ty Dollar $ign

MachineGunKellyBloom In all honesty, I’ve never cared much for MGK, but once you hear a catchy beat and an even catchier chorus/hook, you can’t help but put it on repeat

2.”The Less I Know The Better”, Tame Impala

Currents_artwork_(Tame_Impala_album) If you already love Tame Impala, just scroll past this…

If you haven’t discovered Tame Impala yet, you might just want to…

3. “Cash Machine”, DRAM

downloadOKAY SO I love everything about DRAM. His personality is too pure for this corrupted world (Just watch his tiny desk concert on YouTube, you’ll thank me later). Plus, who wouldn’t adopt the same attitude towards life as him once they get their first big check?

4. “Forever Young”, Lil Yachty feat. Diplo

download (1)Yachty’s music has very mixed reviews and I was convinced that I hated all of his music, but despite the mass amount of autotune, “Forever Young” is a pretty cute love song if you’re super into lyrics like I am.

5.”fuckboi”, gianni & kyle

downloadI’m instantly going to click on a song that disses the worst kind of human beings on Earth. Enough said.

6. “The Hallowissa Song”, Issa Twaimz

0b0443f8de2e05b99c33c93f6c36210d.1000x1000x1 YouTube and former Vine star Issa Twaimz has quite the reputation for making lowkey bops with quirky lyrics and an assortment of curse words. Just add a spooky, Halloween vibe to the mix and you’ve got a freaking hit.

7. “Recognize”, PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Drake

download (2) So this is probably my newest addition to this list. I saw PARTYNEXTDOOR open for Halsey last weekend, and honestly had a blast. I still only know like three of his songs, but “Recognize” is guaranteed to make you move.

8. “playboy shit”, blackbear feat. lil aaron

download (3) Where do I begin when I talk about any blackbear song other than that it’s pretty freaking catchy. This was the first single he released for his upcoming album, “CYBERSEX”, which will drop on 11/27, which makes me even more hype for the rest of the album…

9. “Uber Everywhere”, MadeinTYO

download (4) LET’S GET ONE THING CLEAR: I still hate my little brother for blasting this song constantly, which contributed to me disliking this for the longest time. But after moving away and living on my own for a little bit, I got to finally appreciate and understand all of the hype surrounding this song. It’s a jam for sure.

10. “Girls That Dance”, Masego feat. Medasin

download (5)CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE TRAP SCAT TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG, THOUGH?!?!? SO GOOD!!! Just listen to it, that’s all I have to say. We can talk afterwards

11.”Bon appétit” Katy Perry feat. Migos

268x0wI’m not going to lie, I have totally thought about dressing up in drag and lip-syncing to this song. I don’t know, I just get that vibe, even though I don’t truly appreciate Katy Perry that much…

12. “Deserve”, Kris Wu feat. Travis Scott

download (6)All I know is that Kris Wu was a part of the K-pop group EXO (whom I did listen to), but this SONG IS A FREAKING BOP! I don’t think I’ve stopped dancing around in my dorm room since I’ve added it to my playlists. Plus any song with a Travis feature gets a thumbs up from me.

13. “drink i’m sippin on”, Yaeji

download (7)Fun little anecdote, I was surfing through the recommended videos for me on YouTube when I stumbled on a Genius: Behind the Lyrics video on this song. I instantly fell in love with Yaeji’s personality and her love for making and producing music. Not to mention, almost the entire song is in Korean and has a chill, aesthetically pleasing music video.

14. “Heebiejeebies”, Aminé feat. Kehlani

download (8)This has got to be one of the cutest songs that I have ever heard. Who knew Aminé and Kehlani would actually be a dream collab?

15. “L$D”, A$AP Rocky

download (9)I really enjoy listening to A$AP Rocky in general because he’s incredibly talented and never sticks with one particular style. While yes, this song does have to do with LSD (which A$AP admits to using repeatedly), the message of “Love Sex Dream” is pretty nice to hear too.

All of the songs listed are part of my playlist: “Can’t get these out of my head”. Listen to it here



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