Weekly Recap 10/16 – 10/22

First of all, THANK YOU for all the love and support on my first Weekly Recap post! I was not expecting so much feedback via likes and follows from you all, so I’m going to try and do this almost every Tuesday. Plus, I need to start blogging more anyways so this is a good start.

Just an FYI, I’m a pretty busy person so I have a feeling that this series/segment will consist of longer posts.

Also, I just want to go ahead and apologize for this post not going up on time, I’ve been super busy with school and working on other blog posts.

Monday, 10/16

Mondays are usually very low-key for me, mainly because I only have one class (film appreciation) so when I wasn’t sleeping nor in class, I spent the day doing some assignments for my online world geography course, as well as completing a discussion board for my public administration course about a documentary on the dangers of buying bottled water.

Once I was in film, the professor lectured on about the elements of a narrative and the difference between plot and story lines. The film we watched after the lecture was The Edge of Seventeen, which I honestly thought that I was going to hate (since most coming of age stories are stupidly cliche), but it wasn’t the worst film that I’ve ever seen.

After finishing up some more assignments, i had a meeting with my roommates to reinforce our cleaning schedule, and then hung out and watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls with some people that I care dearly for.

Tuesday, 10/17

My Public Speaking class went the same as always, and my public administration professor cancelled class today so we could all focus on our discussion board and our take home midterms, so yes, fun stuff. I ended up posting the first Weekly Recap today,  and started working on the one which you are currently reading. I also edited a video that I plan on uploading to my YouTube channel sometime this week. Also, on an unrelated note, I did laundry today, so there’s that.


“Please do not leave laundry unattended”, Photo by me

Wednesday, 10/18

Another Lambda meeting, where we discussed the importance of stress management, and focused on the importance of learning to get through certain stressors that are triggered or related to being in a minority.

Thursday, 10/19

I don’t remember anything from this day, huh…


Friday, 10/20

Capture5.PNGOkay where do I begin other than saying this was concert day 1 out of 2. Since it was homecoming week, my school threw this really big concert to celebrate school spirit and what not. So yes, I got to see 3OH!3 and T-Pain perform for free. also I was unable to get any decent pics from that night because I am a terrible blogger but enjoy this random picture of the fishnets I wore underneath a pair of denim shorts, paired with my floral vans…

Saturday, 10/21

Capture4I got to see one of my idols perform live this day. In honor of my belated birthday and one of my friends recently coming out to her family, we went to go see Halsey on the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour. For some reason, I never take pictures of my outfit nor the actual concert venue. Again, I am a terrible blogger, but I prefer to live in the moment when it comes to going to concerts.

Sunday, 10/22

I’m just going to make the unofficial-official announcement that Sundays are purely my sleeping and getting homework done days.

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