Falling Head Over “Kiehl’s” With This Skincare Regimen

If you’re like me, you spend about 80-90 percent of your free time on social media. It’s no secret that social media and influencer marketing has become a major marketing/business force to be reckoned with.

I personally, follow more cosmetic and skincare brands than anything, so I have always been curious about trying products from Kiehl’s, especially since some of my favorite YouTubers and Instagram influencers are such huge fans of the brand.

I’m more than willing to test out new skincare products to see which ones to incorporate into my ever-growing routine and which ones to shy away from.

Luckily, there was a Kiehl’s store here in Boca Raton, so I could go in-store and get the full experience. From testing my skin type (I’m very dry and dehydrated according to their hydration tests), to testing out products in-store, the staff at the Boca Location were extremely polite and fun to talk to as we had an entire conversation about Halsey, one of my favorite musicians (since I was wearing her merch the day I walked in). I appreciated the customer service and I’m now beating myself up because I didn’t get any pictures of the physical store itself.

I ended up purchasing a Skincare Starter Kit, filled with travel-sized products. In addition, you also get a few free samples with every purchase (not to mention I was also sent even more samples from the brand about a week later).

Below are the photos of each product and my thoughts on each one!


Ultra Facial Cleanser: I’ve been a really big fan of this product mainly because it cleanses the skin without the harshness of an exfoliating cleanser. It works amazing for my dry, sensitive skin and is fragrance-free


Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate: the only bad thing about this product is the smell. Also, it may just be because I’ve only been using this for over a week, but I don’t see any dramatic differences in the few fine lines that rest on my face. I’ll give it a few more weeks but I think it’s unlikely that i’ll repurchase this


Midnight Recovery Concentrate: This is absolutely perfect for dry skin, and is one of the bestselling products Kiehl’s offers. Suggested to be used at night, although there is a daytime serum that they offer as well. The scent is very calming, with lavender and primrose as some of the key ingredients


Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado: If I had to repurchase only ONE item from this set, it would be this one. Cream products are perfect for dry skin, and a little of this product goes a long way (so worth the money!)


Ultra Facial Cream: Don’t be fooled by the name, this moisturizer has more of a lotion consistency than it does cream. This is an “okay” product, mainly because I am extremely picky about my moisturizers. This product works great on all of my face EXCEPT my nose, which is my driest area. I blame that on the consistency of the formula, and my preference for thicker moisturizers

It would also probably be nice for me to note that they have a 28-day guarantee, which means if your skin hasn’t seen results or has reacted badly within 28 days, Kiehl’s will refund your purchase (make sure you keep receipts and/or invoices).

Overall, I think that Kiehl’s does have products that are indeed worth the hype that has been stirred up on social media, and I do look forward to purchasing more products of theirs in the future.

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*NOTICE: All thoughts/opinions are my own; this is NOT a sponsored post by Kiehl’s or any third-party retailer(s). 


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