Eat like a Food Blogger, Save $$ like a College Student

The “starving college or uni student” is now a stereotype of the past, thanks to various student discounts and general coupon codes.

I currently attend school in one of the worst places in the U.S. when it comes to dining out- Boca Raton, Florida. If you know absolutely nothing about Boca, allow me to enlighten you with the fact that it’s practically a hidden city where the old, rich and sometimes famous reside, making it not the most ideal college town but I love it anyways.

In terms of dining, Boca has a lot of quirky sit down eateries (which I do enjoy), but the prices can sometimes be a little too steep for someone as frugal as I. Fast food isn’t easy to come by unless if you live on campus and are available from early morning to regular  evening hours, which doesn’t work for me because my fast food cravings arrive in the late night hours; or if you’re willing to drive or take an uber from outside the college premises, which frankly, I cannot do.

Luckily, after living here since August, I have found a few ways to save a few bucks for students who live in Boca, as well as a few general codes for those who do not. Most of the places I’m mentioning in this post do not exclusively offer delivery at the moment (if they do, it’s through a third party service), but enjoy the food pics nonetheless!



This place is every Instagrammer’s dream come true! This cute little mini donut shop just opened up in Mizner Park not too long ago, serving freshly made donuts with the most decadent of toppings and hot brewed coffee and espresso (iced coffee and other beverages are also offered).  I often find myself spending my time here as I have a friend who works here, and because I’ve been finding myself bored with Starbucks lately.

The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is one of an aesthetic nature, making it cooler (and way cuter) than your average coffee shop.

Student Discount: 10% off your total order, just show your student ID at checkout!

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Ramen Lab Eatery

My life wouldn’t be complete without a local ramen spot. Gourmet ramen bowls are a weakness of mine, and I internally cried tears of joy when I found out that there was one nearby. In all honesty, I haven’t been to this spot as often as I have with Doughboy, but I can say that with a student discount and their latest promotion of $10 Tuesday, I might have to start making more trips.

Student Discount: 10% off your total order, just show your student ID at checkout!

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Cannoli Kitchen

Now, While this specific eatery doesn’t offer a student discount to my knowledge (I’ve only ordered online- never at any of their three locations), I did have a coupon code through GrubHub, and am sharing it with you all so you can save a few bucks on any of your local restaurants.

Discount: Click here to get $7 off your first GrubHub order!

New York Grilled Cheese

Ah, another snapshot of food I’ve ordered for delivery. While I have yet to visit the physical location, I did enjoy this mac n cheese grilled cheese sandwich with a side of waffle fries that are better than the ones you can get at Chick fil a, and tomato soup.

Discount: use code “eats-alieceb2ui” on the UberEATS app upon sign up so we can both get $5 our order!


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6 thoughts on “Eat like a Food Blogger, Save $$ like a College Student

    • Aliece Brown says:

      ramen and not the packaged kind you find in stores- changed my life and is one of my favorite foods, if you ever get to try it i would highly suggest it


  1. Dalene Ekirapa says:

    I’d love Kannoli kitchen if I were there…haha…anyway, I also study directly in the Nairobi CBD …it proves hard for a student but I must say that I’m upto date with eateries that give away vouchers, bonuses and great discounts..


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