2017 Favorites

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope you all had a great new year’s and holiday season! I asked you guys over on Instagram if you would be interested in seeing a 2017 favorites post on here and I was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, so here we go!

2017 wasn’t only a great year for me, personally, but it allowed me to be introduced to and try out some really great beauty products as well. Something that surprised me was that I started getting really into hair care products- which isn’t something that I normally did in the past, I’m not sure why, so please don’t even ask.

Okay, enough of the small talk, let’s get to what we really care about here: the products.



loreal elvive extraordinary hair oil

I received this product in an Influenster VoxBox about a month ago, and while I have only been using this product for a few weeks, I loved it so much that it made the list of 2017 Favorites! I absolutely love the sweet smell of the oil and that its incredibly lightweight so it doesn’t make my hair feel gross. I did an Instagram post featuring this product so you guys can see just how healthy it makes my curls look. I may have to do a video review on it for Instagram or for YouTube soon because that’s just how much I love it!






eva-nyc mane magicAnother Influenster product! At first I hated using this because it wasn’t doing anything for my hair during my everyday routine. Then I tried using it right after I showered to help with detangling and it made my life so much easier! I love using this when my hair is damp and it really helps reduce the amount of time it takes me to comb through and detangle my hair. This product has changed my life and saved me time in the long run!

(If you guys are interested in a hair care routine post and/or video, let me know!)





becca cosmetics chrissy teigen paletteIn all honesty, this was one of the most slept on beauty collaborations this year. If you don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is,

a) you’ve been living under a rock, and

b) she’s a cookbook author, co-host of Lip-Sync Battle, model, and not to mention the wife of one of the most talented R&B singers ever- John Legend!

I use this palette almost everyday. The products are very buildable, perfect for the days you want to give off a natural vibe (I’d recommend using the rose gold highlighter for these days) or the days where you want your highlight to glow to the gods. I also really enjoy using the blush to give me a natural, flushed look, plus the bronzer is lovely and brings out my facial features quite nicely.



colourpop yes please palette This palette is absolutely perfect for those who enjoy using warm-toned eyeshadows. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and a little goes quite a long way. Not to mention, this palette is totally Instagram-worthy…










MILK MAKEUP LIP+CHEECK "RALLY"2017 was really a year of me experimenting with blushes. I find blush to be the hardest product for me to work with only because I don’t wear it super often. However, I love this product for blush (it doesn’t show up on my lips) because you can build up the intensity and the little subtle specks of pink glitter within the product are cute and make me all happy inside.








MERMAID MAGIC GLITTER GELSI had the pleasure of meeting Serena, the owner of Mermaid Magic Glitter during my trip to Maui, Hawaii and I’ve been loving her products ever since! The glitter gels are my favorite, especially. I love that they’re so easy to use, dry quickly and are easy to remove. The top gel in the photo is “Unicorn” and the bottom one is “Mermaid Magic”. If you click the link above, it’ll take you directly to her Etsy shop, where she has an array of loose, bio-degradable glitters. The gels aren’t currently in stock, but her loose glitters are just as amazing. (They are chunky glitters so please do not put them directly on your eyelids for safety purposes)





kiehl's ultra facial cleanserOut of all the cleansers I’ve tried this year, this one has been my favorite! It’s very gentle on the skin and gets the job done. If you’d like to read a full review on this product, as well as other Kiehl’s products, click here to read my review.








nivea cremeI normally don’t stock up products to the point where it drives me crazy, but this product has been an exception. I have about five or six of these little guys stocked in my room because the cream formula is a god send for my Saharan Desert dry skin. Not to mention a little goes quite a long way, I still haven’t finished a full container and it’s been a year!






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12 thoughts on “2017 Favorites

    • Aliece Brown says:

      unfortunately the glitter gels are out of stock, but her loose glitters are just as amazing! I linked her etsy shop in the post 🙂


  1. Kyia Belle (@kyiabelle) says:

    That Crissy Teagan Palette is so gorgeous, I don’t think I could count the number of times I’ve swatched those highlights in Sephora and didn’t buy it. I never thought I could be a blush girl (I still like to convince myself I’m not THAT into blushes) but I used to have this one blush from Tarte… It was their Amazonian Clay one I think, in shade feisty? Used it on my cheeks & blended it up to my cheekbones and it suits my skin tone SO WELL! Too bad I lost it somewhere, haha.

    Kyia Belle // http://kyia-belle.blogspot.ca

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aliece Brown says:

    Honestly I can’t believe that palette didn’t have as much hype surrounding it as a bunch of other (in my opinion) mediocre products that did have a bunch of hype did. I don’t know why I was so scared of blushes in 2017, I guess it’s because I have a hard time controlling just how much pigment goes on my face. I suppose that’s why I prefer buildable coverage over high pigment blushes


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