Yet Another Hiatus

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve even published anything on here… seriously, I am the world’s worst blogger. I hate that I have to take so many breaks from writing and being a blogger in general because I never know where exactly to pick back up from.

Lately, life has been hectic- but in the best way possible. I’ve experienced so many crazy things that I’m kind of overwhelmed just trying to think of it all. I’m the kind of person that has to be constantly busy and doing things or else I’ll end up losing my mind. But I will say that I have missed typing out everything that comes to mind.

I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of some amazing things these past few months, but I’ve neglected blogging about them mainly because I’m not 100% happy with my content creation as of lately.

Looking at other bloggers’ pages and Instagrams, I can’t help but want to try and jump back into this realm which I love so much. I keep telling myself that someday this year I’m going to make the move to a self-hosted platform rather than relying on a free plan from WordPress, which is what I’ve been using since I started this blog. But my actual job has been rather unstable in terms of pay, which leads to me doubting whether or not I’m ready to make the jump to a self-hosted site, which I’ll have to pay a monthly fee for.

On top of that, as much as I want to network with other bloggers, contact via the internet just seems so ingenuine to me. I’ve taken time to really just discover how I operate in terms of communication and emails or Direct Messages just don’t really cut it for me. In a way, I just feel detached when I look at a screen and not in the way I used to. There’s only so many Facebook groups and Instagram group chats that I can join yet I feel so disconnected for some reason. Also, equipment is another obstacle I’ve been facing for years. But in all honesty, I really don’t feel like bitching about that.

I don’t know why, but I just have felt this weird numbness whenever I try to write a post on here. I guess it may be mostly because I use this as a web diary of sorts as opposed to an actual, structured blog. I read a lot of my fellow bloggers’ posts and I’ve noticed that mine are extremely different from theirs (not that it bothers me, I kind of like having that edge, really).

I honestly really do want to get back into blogging not only due to the fact that I miss connecting with people from around the globe, but it really does help me maintain some level of sanity. I’ve missed listening to the sound of my fingers ferociously stabbing away at the keyboard as I try to type out my thoughts as quickly as I am thinking them. It brings me a sense of calmness and composure, oddly.

I’m sure that this wouldn’t have been my last hiatus, as I do take breaks from blogging more frequently than ever now that I’m juggling so much in my life. But I do want to make the conscious effort to put more time and thought into my posts in hopes that my hard work will pay off in some way, shape or form in the future. So stay tuned, if you want, I guess.

Follow your dreams (and me too, please!)



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