My Blog’s 1st Birthday!

Time really does fly by when you’re having fun! I honestly cannot believe that it’s been a year since my self-titled blog had its first post published! Before I get into all the rambly mumbo-jumbo of mine that you all are probably accustomed to by now, I really just wanted to take yet another moment to thank my wonderful readers. By no means do I run a blog with huge viewership (I do focus most of my creative efforts on my Instagram and Facebook pages) but the relationships and conversations I’ve had with you all really make me glad to do what I do.

Although I owe most of my blogging opportunities to Instagram, running this site has allowed for me to have a space to be more vulnerable with you and let you into what’s really happening inside the mind of Aliece. I like to think of my blog as a digital diary of sorts, sharing reviews on things I like, but mostly putting all of my confusing and sometimes troubling thoughts and emotions into words.

I know that I’m not the most consistent blogger and that I OFTEN take breaks from writing posts, but this year of writing blog posts as more of a hobby has really brought back my love for writing.

OKAY, STORYTIME (kind of):


Newspaper staff photo from 2014-15

I used to write a lot in my spare time when I was younger. Like I actually would write short stories and yes, a few novels (none of which are published because grade-school Aliece was terrified of anyone reading her writing that wasn’t her family). As I got older, I still kept writing mostly short stories and I tried my hand at a few (SFW) Hunger Games themed fanfiction pieces, as well as poetry and at least a quarter of a screenplay. I also attempted to try writing journalistically since I was on my high schools’ newspaper staff during my sophomore year. (see me attempt to be a journalist here).

After my sophomore year of high school, constantly having to write in AP style for my articles deterred me from truly expressing my creativity and ended up with me kind of giving up on creative writing for a few years after that. It wasn’t until I started my first blog that I realized that my love for writing was something that would never leave me. Although my beauty blog is long gone (Rest in peace, Linerlady), creating a new website for my personal blog has helped me network with other bloggers like me and has taught me so much about myself.


Partyfuf Unicorn Party Decoration Shoot, 2018

Running this blog has helped me find my writing style. Before, I was so used to having to confine myself to specific rules that I never really had been given the chance to let my creativity grow. I get many comments and messages about how conversational and intimate my blog posts can get. Not only do my readers love the tone my writing style sets, but I love it as well. Making my pieces appear more raw and/or conversational made me feel both comfortable and uncomfortable with publishing things on the Internet. I felt at ease with my writing style because I would write as if I were speaking to a friend, but it also made me feel uncomfortable at times because some of the topics I choose to blog about are extremely personal, such as the anxieties I’ve been dealing with or going through heartbreak.

I like to believe that once I established my style of writing, it gave me confidence- a voice that I never thought I would have. It’s hard to wrap my head around it sometimes but there are people out there that will read my reviews and use my insight to help them decide whether to purchase an item or go to a specific location. Brands either contact me or I pitch myself to them well enough that I’m allowed to voice my opinion on products and/or services that I receive for free or at a discounted rate without any consequence to me at all. Blogging (influencing too) gave me a voice and a platform that I would’ve otherwise never had. I owe so much of who I am today to this blog and to just writing in general.

While I’m not celebrating my blog’s first year of existence with a cake and candles (maybe I’ll do that next year…wow if my blog were an actual child I would be the worst parent), it is fun to look back on how much I’ve grown as a blogger.


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