18 Things I’ve Done in 2018

2018 was a HUGE year for me. I feel like it was the year filled with the most personal growth and memorable moments as well as lots of pain and disheartening experiences.

I prefer to think of myself as a realist, so not everything on this list will be all peaches and cream, but they’re just as memorable as the good times this year.

It’s difficult to wrap up all of the highlights of my year into just 18 points, but here we go:

1. Celebrated my 20th Birthday at Disney World

What’s a better way to celebrate another year of adulthood than unleashing your inner child with your boyfriend and two best friends at the happiest place on earth!?

2. Dyed my Hair for the First Time

I decided to go with a more natural-looking color, but I want to venture into more bold colors in 2019…

3. Got Hit by a Car

I don’t have any photos for this one, but now that all the legal stuff is over with, I can talk about it. While walking to work one day, as I was crossing a crosswalk (I had the right of way), I was hit by a driver who was making an illegal turn. Thankfully I am alright and only had to do a month or two’s worth of physical therapy

4. Went to a LOT of Concerts

I succeeded in my year’s resolution of going to more concerts (read more about it here)

5. Attended My First Event as a Blogger

I got invited to cover a local pop-up shop!

6. Attended Pride After Pride, After Pride

Really embraced my queerness this year and went to SO MANY pride festivals

7. Taking Blogging More Seriously

This is still something I’m working on, but 2018 was a great year for blogging and social media influencing


Around Christmas time, my family adopted Nino, who as you can see, hates taking pictures…

9. Um…Seth?

Okay so I just now realized that I’ve never talked about my boyfriend on here so like, yeah… we spent a lot of time together this year.

10. Redefined My Family

I learned that family isn’t just people who you’re related to by blood, but that you can create your own as well.

11. Coming to Terms With my Mental Health

Wow, another thing that I can’t quite put an image to. Anyways, 2018 was a year where depression hit me the hardest that it ever has. But as of right now, I’m feeling a lot better now that I have accepted that it is okay to feel down some times.

12. Piercing my Septum

It’s so strange to look back at pictures of me not having a septum piercing…

13. Tattoos

I got inked not once, but three times this year

14. I. Drank. So. Much. COFFEE.


15. Making More Time for Myself

This really goes hand in hand with #11, but with my life being so crazy and hectic all the time, I’ve really had to try and figure out what relaxes me and keeping me sane… Bullet journaling has been a huge one for me.

16. Crossing Off Bucket List Items

I had a lot of places I wanted to see in 2018 and made every effort to do so

17. Changing Up my Diet

Can we just talk about how your girl is almost fully dairy-free?! (Cheese is very hard to replace…) Also even though I started out the year vegetarian and then switched to a more pescatarian friendly diet, my overall meat consumption has decreased dramatically over the year.

18. Living Outside my Comfort Zone

Taking risks and doing things I’ve never done before was a big factor of why 2018 was so great

2018 was really an action-packed crazy year for me and those around me. I cannot wait to make 2019 an even wilder ride!

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