Spotlight: American Electric


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The variety of tasks that an electrician can perform ranges from installing wiring in a new building to replacing and repairing outdating systems. If you are in the process of looking for the most qualified and excellent of electricians out there, you’ll want to focus on finding one that has the proper training as well as licensed. This may be a great start however you also want to make for particular qualities that do go above and beyond just the technical and training that is required and asked of them. These qualities can include things like the ability to solve and think outside of the box, communication, their attention to detail and dependability. I’ve also come up with a few other qualities and tips that you should look before you hire an electrician to come into your home or business.

  1. Good Communication Skills– One of the biggest qualities to look for in a great electrician is having great communication skills. For the most part, electricians are going to work on a diverse range of people which include project managers, homeowners like yourself and estimators. You’ll want to make sure that they are able to communicate effectively in their role not only just for you but within the team that they work with in their company. Because their work is often integrated with other areas of your home, it also requires a certain level of patience and negotiation, as their services are needing in numerous locations. Having a good set of interpersonal and social skills plus being able to communicate with you as the customer is key.
  2. Certified – This is an important feature to always look for when searching for an excellent electrician. Always choose one that have their license and are certified by accredited institutions. A college degree is not necessary but they at least need to have a form of academic foundation and analytical skills that will allow them to be comfortable with making calculations that concern the distribution and wattage. Likewise with being certified, you want them to make sure that everything is up to date and they are knowledgeable about what they are doing.
  3. Understanding The Business – Being an electrician isn’t for everyone so you want to make sure that at least have a few basic business concepts and develop a bit of business skills in order to provide an efficient and acceptable service. So make sure that they are working with a team, customer service, their time management is on and they have clerical abilities. This means they have a good business work ethic and an outstanding electrician over time and with their customers which is you.
  4. Reputation – When it comes to choosing a good electrician, you want to make sure that they are recommended by a trusting colleague or friend. Look up their references and even ask around for good references and supporting testimonies on their work.

Image: American Electric

Basically, you want to choose an electrician who is accredited, has a great reputation, trained and support them. Along with their credentials, you also want to find an individual who has a business understanding and a great up to date knowledge of the best products, tools and device as well as someone who has very good interpersonal skills. If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, one such electrician company that you’ll need to check out that encompasses all of these qualities are the friendly staff at American Electric. Started with Master Electrician, Mike Murphy who shared this simple idea to provide the highest quality electrical contracting service with the best talent in business with a can do attitude to the city of Jacksonville. Mike began manning the phones from his home office when he first began and then began on a military electrical contracting jobs with a small team of dedicated electrical technicians .They respond extremely quickly with your call  and with an experienced electrician right at your doorstep, they are there to help complete the job to your immediate satisfaction. They are fully licensed, have 5 star ratings on their google page and come highly recommended with all their qualifications and experience that you are looking for! The customers at American Electric also have a 24/7 number you can call for all your emergency needs day or night so you get an answer right away! Now that is great customer service and one that you’ll recommend and feel comfortable using again and again. Truly, an excellent electrician company is a phone call away.

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