Spotlight: Barnie’s Coffee & Tea

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Hi guys and welcome to yet another blog post where I talk about how much I love coffee… also beware, there are going to be a few affiliate links posted here today

Over the last month, I have had the amazing opportunity to partner up with Barnie’s Coffee & Tea, a brand I personally love and support.

Barnie’s is a coffee shop in Winter Haven, Florida, but I found them through their flavored coffee grounds and K-cups during a fated Publix run. (P.S. all Barnie’s ground coffees are on SALE at participating Publix locations until June 14th).

It’s been a big goal of mine lately to work with companies that not only are local, but that I regularly purchase from as well. After trying Barnie’s for a few months, I basically fell in love with their brand, thus I reached out to them via Instagram DM in hopes of collaborating with them.

I was shocked that the first representative I spoke to was actually the Director of Marketing! Shannon, if you’re reading this: you rock!

And now I can proudly say that I’m a Barnie’s Ambassador! I’ve been mostly posting on Instagram, gushing about how good the flavors that were sent to me are, which I’m super grateful for.

For the month of May, I had the chance to try out three of their amazing flavors. Love CoConnection and Pistachio Ice Cream are my current favorites at the moment, although English Salted Toffee comes very close.

Love CoConnection

As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of coconut, this flavor has definitely opened my tastebuds to it. A “chocolately coconut match made in heaven” is definitely the best way to describe this flavor, as it’s also a very nice medium roast. I personally enjoy throwing in a splash of almond or oat milk with this one.

English Salted Toffee

Another really tasty medium roast in my opinion. Described as “irresistibly sweet with a dash of sea salt”, this particular roast is a bit more bitter-tasting than the other two flavors that I have tried, but its perfect for those days that I want a stronger coffee taste.

Pistachio Ice Cream

The final flavor I was sent is an “earthy with a creamy smoothness” medium roast (Medium or light roast coffees are my favorite). I ended up liking this one the most as I found myself brewing it quite often. It’s not too “nutty” of a flavor, nor is it obnoxiously sweet- a total win in my book.

Overall, I really have nothing negative to say about these flavors, as the Barnie’s team did an excellent job curating flavors that they think I would like the most. So far my ambassador experience with Barnie’s Coffee & Tea has been far more positive and productive than any I’ve done in the past. The customer service is efficient and amazing, not to mention they have a really cute Instagram feed.

I’m very excited to continue sharing my love for this company with you guys. Who knows? I may have to take a trip to Winter Haven soon and check out the physical café for myself…

Until next time guys.

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